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Nordic Night Mayor Summit 2018

The annual Nordic Night Mayor Summit returns to Stockholm for its second edition on September 11-12th in partnership with Gather Festival.

Marking a year of unprecedented growth around nightlife advocacy globally, the Nordic Night Mayor Summit welcomes nightlife professionals from around the world to the Swedish capital to discuss the most pressing issues facing cities after dark.

This year’s keynote speakers and panelists include Johanna Beckman (Trädgården Stockholm), Alan Miller (NTIA, London), Shamiro van der Geld (Night Mayor, Amsterdam), Linnéa Svensson (Greener Events Foundation, Oslo), Oded Peled (Classical Trancelations, Helsinki), Ernst Mertens (De School, Amsterdam), Mirik Milan (VibeLab, Amsterdam), Lutz Leichsenring (VibeLab/Clubcommission, Berlin), and Jbn Sound Solutions (Sweden).

Building on the crucial and innovative exchange built over the past two years, this year’s tactile programming is results-driven and seeks to bridge the gaps between city governments and nightlife industries.

The day program will focus on high-impact round tables, coalition-building tactics, and a nightlife advocacy boot camp session. After dark, guests will embark on a tour of Stockholm’s thriving nightlife scene, learn about innovations in soundproofing from Stockholms Jbn Sound Solutions and experience the Swedish capital’s exciting grassroots nightlife scene through the eyes of those behind it.

The Nordic Night Mayor Summit is aimed at urban planners, culture departments, nightlife operators and trade associations, lifestyle brands, and representatives from cities looking to install a Night Mayor. We will also be offering ‘30 under 30’ tickets for emerging nightlife advocates looking to get involved and bring this conversation in their cities. The summit will be held at Hotel At Six, at their state of the art music bar Hosoi.

Join us once more as we continue to forge stronger bonds between nightlife capitals and welcome emerging changemakers into the exciting conversation around vibrant, sustainable nightlife. 


During one night and one day, you will gain access to panels talks and workshops at the renowned music bar Hosoi, located at Hotel At Six in central Stockholm. A discount code for Hotel At Six will be provided for your stay during the summit

Tuesday 11th

08.00pm - 11.00pm: Opening Drinks & City Tour

Wednesday 12th

10.00am - 06.00pm: Conference program

09.00pm - 01:00am: Closing Party

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Amy Lamé
Night Czar London

Amy Lamé is London’s inaugural Night Czar. Since her appointment in 2016, Lamé has worked tirelessly to protect LGBTQ spaces, and has played a pivotal role in communicating the huge social and cultural value of these safe spaces globally.

Lamé recently unveiled a new plan called Women’s Night Safety Charter aimed at protecting women out at night in London, and is urging businesses and organisations to give their support. The Women’s Night Safety Charter outlines guidance for venues, operators, charities, councils and businesses to improve safety at night for women such as better staff training, encouraging the reporting of harassment, and ensuring public spaces are safe. During her Nordic Night Mayor Summit keynote, Amy Lamé will share some of her experiences from the last two years in the role of Night Czar for one of the biggest cities in Europe.

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Ernst Merten
Founder of De School / Trouw

Ernst Mertens / De School  is one of the co-founders of Amsterdam’s influential and multi-disciplinary venue De School. Housed in a former technical college on the outskirts of the city, De School is open seven days a week as a club, concert venue, gym, restaurant, cafe, art gallery, and co-working space, and has a strong policy of booking and spotlighting local Dutch and international talent.

Mertens and his team Post CS VB have consistently innovated nightlife experiences in the Dutch capital, having operated both Club 11 and Trouw before De School.

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Mirik Milan
Nightlife Consultant

Mirik Milan is the former Night Mayor of Amsterdam and co-founder of VibeLab, a global consultancy firm that works with cities to keep them vibrant and flourishing after dark. Milan’s term as the figurehead of Amsterdam's nightlife scene was defined by the introduction of 24-hour licenses and innovative approaches to reducing crime in the city center. As a global ambassador for the nightlife advocacy movement, Mirik has given talks in more than 25 cities around the world, and his ideas have influenced major nightlife capitals such as New York, London, Berlin, Paris, Tokyo, Toronto and São Paulo.

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Johanna Beckman
Creative Director

Johanna Beckman is the creative director for Trädgården, one of Stockholm’s most important club and live music venues. Completely renovated and soundproofed to accommodate an apartment complex built nearby, the venue officially reopened its doors in 2018.

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Linnea Elisabeth Svensson
Events Consultant

Linnéa Elisabeth Svensson is a sustainability events consultant and producer based in Oslo, the European Green Capital for 2019. She runs her own business which offers sustainability consultancy and certifications as well as event production. Linnéa has written several sustainability guides and handbooks for festivals and sporting events and, in 2018 alone, has been a consultant and/or advisor to the Diamond League Bislett Games, Oslo Urban Arena, and by:Larm Festival.

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Shamiro van der Geld
Night Mayor Amsterdam

Shamiro van der Geld is the current Night Mayor of Amsterdam, taking over from Mirik Milan in March 2018. His background as an MC, producer, TV host and longtime participant in the city’s vibrant nightlife scene made him a natural successor to Milan. Van der Geld’s pledged to focus his tenure on empowering DIY scenes, improving diversity and representation, and propagating nightlife education, values and ideas that challenge outdated perceptions.

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Jan Naslund
Sound Engineer

Jan Naslund is the sound engineer at Jbn Sound Solutions, a leading Swedish sound insulation firm that specializes in sound proofing clubs and live music venues around the world. Jbn Sound Solutions is the distributor of the Jbn Sound Ceiling®, a revolutionary modular based speaker system that achieves significant reductions in sound propagation and bass frequency transference in entertainment venues. Naslund will be giving a demonstration of the firm’s recent Jbn Sound Ceiling® installation at Stockholm club Trädgården.

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Oded Peled

Oded Peled has played an instrumental role in the evolution of electronic music and club culture in Helsinki since the 1990s. Captivated by trips to Amsterdam, he formed a booking agency with his brother at the age of 19 and brought the likes of David Morales, Tiësto, Pete Tong, Eric Prydz and Derrick Carter to the Finnish capital. Recently, Peled and his friends have produced their sold-out 'Classical Trancelations' concerts at the prestigious Helsinki Music Centre and produced a six-month long ‘Helsinki Clubbing - 30 years of Smoke and Strobe’ exhibition for the Helsinki City Museum.

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Alan Miller
Chairman of Night Time Industry Association

As the chairman of the Night Time Industry Association (NTIA), Alan Miller has been a consistent and influential voice in nightlife advocacy globally and has played a key role in the recent revitalization of the UK’s nightlife economy. Alan was CEO of The Vibe Bar for almost 20 years as well as being co-founder of the Old Truman Brewery, a 10-acre site in London with over 200 companies, ranging from recording studios to art galleries, entertainment spaces, restaurants, bars, cafes, fashion and retail. In the last year, Alan has spoken to audiences in Mumbai, Sydney, Melbourne, Toronto, New York, Berlin and Amsterdam as well as regularly across the UK, and the NTIA is part of London mayor Sadiq Khan’s Night Time Commission. This year through work with the NTIA many cities are now participating in nightlife stakeholder partnership commissions. Both in Manchester and NYC, we have seen new nightlife positions appointed and key UK cities are now planning on having Night Time Commissions. The NTIA helps to advise re curating how to make the most from a city, day and night. Together. 

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Lutz Leichsenring
Nightlife Consultant

Lutz Leichsenring is the executive director of the Berlin Clubcommission and co-founder of nightlife consultancy VibeLab, a global consultancy firm that works with cities to keep them vibrant and flourishing after dark. Since joining the Clubcommission in 2009, Lutz has fought tirelessly for the rights of Berlin’s vast underground club scene by organizing demonstrations, conferences and workshops and by speaking at round tables and parliamentary committees. He is considered a leading voice in the movement globally and, alongside Mirik Milan, has consulted on nightlife policy with the city governments of New York, London, Berlin, Paris, Tokyo, Toronto, São Paulo and more.

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Angela Verkuijlen
Night Mayor Nijmegen

As the Night Mayor of Nijmegen, Angela Verkuijlen works on improving the relationship and communication between nocturnal organisations and local government in her city. She organizes roundtables and debates and gives the night a voice. A voice that is taken more and more seriously. She is a connector and a promotor who stimulates many initiatives that make Nijmegen’s nightlife more vibrant and diverse. 

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Daniel G. Német
Night Mayor Budapest

Daniel G. Német is an urban sustainability professional, and the co-founder of Night Mayor Budapest (NMBP), the first nighttime economy catalyst in the CEE region. Since its inception just one year ago, NMBP has expanded to become a network of nightlife creators implementing projects to develop the health and vitality of nightlife in the Hungarian capital. Their latest project aimed to eradicate plastic straws from 50 venues citywide, saving 3 million pieces annually. NMBP also debuted a nighttime solution platform which connects residents with authorities and venues to resolve issues amicably and without unnecessary escalation. You can learn more about this initiatives here: www.ejszakaijarokelo.huBy focusing on reducing waste, gathering big-data, problem-solving for residents, mediation between stakeholders, and awareness campaigns, Német’s office has made significant strides in Budapest, and his keynote will explore some of these projects and initiatives in more depth.

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